Armando Tovar


Armando has an easy-going nature and a dry sense of humor. His approach to counseling is to help his clients develop self-compassion while encouraging them to navigate through their struggles.

He works particularly well with individuals who are seeking change and are open to directed treatment.nOne of his areas of specialty is trauma. He helps his clients re-discover hope, build resilience, and improve self-worth by empowering the survivor with self-management skills.

Armando employs an integrated approach through cognitive behavioral therapy, emotion-focused therapy, and mindfulness. He also provides practical solutions for developing self-care skills.

He is certified in Accelerated Resolution Therapy which can help clients more quickly process trauma and promote healing. As a proud veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Armando understands the unique pressures associated with serving in the military and is particularly passionate about helping other veterans and first responders. He is service-oriented and truly cherishes his time spent facilitating the healing process.

Armando is a Ph.D. candidate in Counselor’s Education and Supervision and is slated to graduate in 2022.

He and his wife are soon to be the proud parents of a baby girl. In his spare time, Armando enjoys fishing and video games.

“Armando is incredible and I’m grateful.”

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