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3-Day Breaking Free Workshop

Escape What Is Holding You Back!

This Workshop Is For You If:

  • Anger, rage, or expressing yourself appropriately
  • Depression, anxiety, or low self-esteem
  • Emotional connection and intimacy in your relationship
  • Persistent feelings of hurt, rejection, loneliness, inferiority or abandonment
  • Setting appropriate boundaries with others
  • Perfectionist tendencies
  • A pattern of choosing people who are not good for you

What Is Relational Trauma?

Anything we experience during our developmental years (Birth – 18 years) that is ‘less than nurturing’, can create deep trauma wounds capable of hindering us from maintaining functional relationships as adults.

Some trauma – like physical and sexual abuse – is blatant and easily recognizable. Other trauma is less obvious, even to the one who suffered through it. It can look like subtle manipulation, unintentional neglect, or a “lack of” – a lack of affection, comfort, attention, or appropriate limits.

The common theme of all trauma is the damage it does to our mental, physical or emotional health – and the impact it has on our ability to love ourselves and others.

Our 3-Day Breaking Free Workshop Can Help You Break The Hold of Relational Trauma!

More About The Workshop

The 3-Day Breaking Free Workshop is designed for a small group of 3 or 4 participants. Based on the pioneering trauma research of Pia Mellody, Senior Fellow at The Meadows, this experiential workshop provides a safe environment for you to:

Explore the origins of your relational trauma and its painful side effects

Identify your adaptive survival mechanisms and coping strategies

Learn how to release negative emotions rooted in those painful experiences

Re-parent the parts of yourself that have been shamed, neglected, or abandoned

Learn how to administer self-care and reclaim your intrinsic worth

By connecting the dots between what you experienced in your childhood and how you show up in your adult relationships, you’ll finally have answers to your ‘why’, which can lead to powerful breakthroughs in your current relationship.

Are you ready to take back control of your life?

Schedule a free 15-minute Discovery Call with us to ask questions and learn more and if you're ready, to schedule your 3-Day Breaking Free Workshop.

Frequently Asked Questions

WHEN are the workshops held?

The workshop dates for 2024 are as follow:

·     Jan 18-20

·     Feb 8-10

·     Mar 21-23

·     Apr 11-13

·     May 16-18

·     Jun 13-15

·     Jul 11-13

·     Aug 22-24

·     Sep 19-21

·     Oct 17-19

·     Nov 7-9

·     Dec 5-7

What is the cost of the workshop?

The 3-Day Breaking Free Workshop is $3,000. This does not include any travel or lodging expenses, if applicable. We require a 50% deposit at the time of booking, with the balance due 2 weeks before the start of the Intensive.

NOTE: If the cost is prohibitive, please let us know. We have a limited number of scholarships available that can pay towards the cost of your enrollment.

Where does the workshop take place?

The workshop is typically held at our main offices in Richardson, TX. The area offers many convenient food and lodging options and is easily accessible from both Dallas/Ft.Worth and Love Field airports.

How long is the workshop?

The workshop is held over 3-days, generally on a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Each day begins at 8am, with the first two days concluding at 6pm and the final day at 3pm.

What if I'm uncomfortable talking in front of other people?

Then you are just like most of us! Though this is a common concern leading up to the workshop, we find participants report it to be a lot less scary (and a whole lot more comfortable) than they expected, once they’ve experienced it for themselves. The experiential structure of the workshop is a critical component of the work you’ll do, but we intentionally keep the groups small to help you acclimate. We’ll also start Day 1 getting to know each other and we’ll go by first-names only to protect your anonymity.

I've lived with trauma for years. How can this help in just 3 days?

Facilitated by one of our most experienced therapists, this workshop has been described by former participants as “transformational”, “life changing”, and “the equivalent of months, maybe years of therapy received in three powerful days.” It’s designed to specifically help you connect the dots and discover what’s holding you back and preventing you from enjoying loving, fulfilling, and healthy relationships today.

What Our Clients Say

“The leader did an outstanding job of communicating skills to reconcile relationships and to heal wounds.”

What Our Clients Say

“I could not feel lighter, happier, or feel more positive about the outlook of my life.”

Get Ready to Discover the New You!

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