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What Trauma Really Is and How to Treat It
Sam John
Most people who suffer from trauma do not talk about it; in fact, most people will try to block it out or ignore it. If only that worked…. The reality however, is that trauma affects your mind, your body, your relationships, and your everyday life. It has been linked to depression, anxiety, anger, panic attacks,…
Repairing Your Relationship After Betrayal
Sam John
“Why do we have to talk about this again? I made a mistake. Let’s just move on.”  If you’ve thought or said these words, keep reading.  As a licensed counselor and Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, I’ve heard this many times in sessions with my clients who have acted out in their relationship and gotten caught. …
Sam John
The history of therapy is built around the idea of talking through our hurts and emotional baggage in the hopes that we will gain new insight, experience catharsis, or get help in reframing our problems so we feel better about them.  Lots of people are helped and feel supported through talk therapy but sometimes it…
anxiety disorder
Sam John
At any given time anxiety disorders affect more than 45 million Americans. In fact, most of us will experience anxiety at some point. Why? Because anxiety is a typical human emotion and a natural response to life’s stresses and challenges, For those with an anxiety disorder however, these feelings can lead to panic attacks, insomnia,…
My Depression Journey
Sam John
  Depression sucks. There, I said it.  Depression is more than having a string of ‘bad days’. It’s waking up most days thinking “What’s the point?”  It robs us of hope (what we need most) and tries to convince us there isn’t anything we can do to get out of it. It’s brutal. My Story…
Sexual Addiction part 1
Sam John
Why can’t I seem to control my impulses?  Why do I always give in and feel horrible afterwards? Why do I keep doing it when I know better? Why does my life feel like a scene out of Groundhog Day? Will I always struggle with choices that end up hurting my marriage and family? These are…
Sexual Addiction
Sam John
Understanding “why” is an important step towards overcoming any addiction, including sexual addiction. In Part 1 of this series, I talked about the first of two very important cycles – the self-esteem cycle – and how a faulty sense of self provides the perfect breeding ground for addiction. If you haven’t done so already, I recommend you…
Sex Addiction in Women
Sam John
When you hear the words ‘sex addict’, my guess is your brain automatically pictures a man. Maybe it’s a man huddled over his phone or laptop watching porn, and possibly involved in other risky behaviors like prostitution, mutiple partners, and infidelity…. all things commonly associated with sexual addiction. You may be surprised to learn however,…
Sex Addiction
Sam John
‘Sex addict’ is one of those terms that can make us really uncomfortable. This is especially true when it’s a label used to describe us or a loved one, like our spouse. I personally believe our discomfort comes in large part due to the way society stereotypes addiction. There is always a certain amount of…
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