The Impact of Unresolved Trauma On Your Mental Health
The Impact of Unresolved Trauma On Your Mental Health
 First, what is trauma? Trauma, simply put, is our emotional and physiological response to distressing events - or series of distressing events - in our life. There is Type A trauma and Type B trauma. Types of Trauma Type A traumas are things we needed but didn't get, especially in childhood. Neglect, abandonment, malnutrition,...
3 Benefits To Online Counseling
3 Benefits To Online Counseling
 I've been a therapist for over 15 years and for most of those years, my work with clients was primarily done in person in a counseling office. When the options for telehealth came along, I myself wasn't sure what I would think about doing virtual counseling sessions, but I've really come to love it....
Is Pornography Harmless? 6 Ways It Can Negatively Impact Your Life
 Did you know the average online user spends over 40% of their waking hours online? That's a lot of time. Studies have shown that 91% of men that are online are also using pornography. 60% of women are online looking at pornography as well. So you're probably thinking, if that many are doing it,...
Three Reasons Why Therapy Can Benefit Anyone
Three Reasons Why Therapy Can Benefit Anyone
 Therapy is often stigmatized as being only for those with serious mental health issues. The truth is that therapy can benefit anyone, regardless of their mental health status. Here are three reasons why: 1. Move from Overwhelmed to Understood Therapy is a safe place to share your feelings. Many people struggle to put their...
Building Relationships: Two Primary Modes Of Connection
Building Relationships: Two Primary Modes Of Connection
 In our relationships, it is essential to connect in meaningful ways. There are two primary modes of connection that we often refer to as "shoulder-to-shoulder" time and "face-to-face" time. Shoulder-to-shoulder time refers to activities that are focused on a shared interest outside of the relationship. This might include activities such as playing golf, attending...
5 Questions to Grow Your Relationships This Year
If you're anything like me at the beginning of a new year, we often consider things that we'd like to do better or differently than the prior year. We may contemplate taking better care of our bodies, working out, altering food intake, traveling more or less, cutting back on social media or alcohol consumption. All...
It’s Okay To Have Conflicting Feelings About The Holidays
 Happy holidays! I was just sitting here thinking about the holidays and how it’s possible to have completely opposite feelings about the very same thing. For example, you may love to watch the falling snow and yet despite the cold weather or having to take the dogs out in it. Social situations also tend...
Making The Most Of The Holiday Season
We all know that the holidays can be a really tough time of the year. They are full of joy, but also full of expectation and excess. There are countless parties, school activities, work events to attend, not to mention all the gift-buying and giving, party hosting and meal-prepping to do. Here are a few...
Attitude of Gratitude
Attitude of Gratitude
Improve your Emotional Well-Being Backed By Science I want to share with you one spiritual practice that you can implement today to improve your emotional well being - practicing an attitude of gratitude. In Proverbs 15:15, it says “All the days of the oppressed are bad, but he who has a grateful heart, has a...
How Change Happens Avoiding the “Hole in the Sidewalk”
How Change Happens: Avoiding the “Hole in the Sidewalk”
 I get a lot of clients who do good work in therapy and therefore start seeing changes in themselves and in their spouse. Everybody begins feeling hopeful and then invariably - and almost predictably - something happens that puts them right back in that place of pain, disappointment, or hopelessness that brought them to...
window of Tolerance
What Is The Window Of Tolerance?
“Window of Tolerance” may be a new term that you haven't heard before. Your window of tolerance is the space in which you can function in a healthy, calm manner without anxiety and without depression. In other words, it’s where you are able to act and react to the world around you in a healthy...
Parenting Teens - Tips That Will Help Your Mental Health & Theirs Too!
Parenting Teens – Tips That Will Help Your Mental Health & Theirs Too!
 Parenting when you have teenagers or kids in that preteen age is so challenging.  I am walking with you on this right now as I have kids ages 13, 11, and 9, plus a 2-year old that keeps things fun! We Don’t Intuitively ‘Just Know How’ To Parent  Learning to parent in all these...

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