Keri Hatcher


Keri brings a compassionate and understanding approach to her practice, holding a core belief that meaningful change can be attained at any point in life. She has a deep empathy for clients facing challenges and a passion for helping them get to a happier and healthier place in their lives. She gently guides her clients who may be stuck in old, outdated, or unhealthy patterns to address their desired areas of growth, where even subtle changes can result in big gains.

Keri uses an eclectic approach pulling from the plethora of counseling theories to meet each client's unique needs. She has training in Cognitive Processing Therapy for treatment of PTSD, EMDR for trauma, as well as Somatic Interventions. Keri's specialty areas of interest include anxiety, PTSD/trauma, neurodivergence (ADHD, autism), relationship issues, and animal assisted therapy.

Keri holds a master's degree in Family, Marriage, & Couples Counseling from Lamar University and is a certified Animal Assisted Intervention Specialist (AAI-S). Her coworker is a goldendoodle named Molly.

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